Suggestion Engine


This Suggestion Engine plugin improves the search system. The plugin adds a dropdown with search results to your search bar. Your customers will be able to directly visit the product, product category or product tags they need. From the first search character typed, the search result bar will appear and adjust the results as more characters are entered.

Additionally, this plugin is able to create product suggestion lists that may be shown using shortcodes. You can create as many shortcodes as you like, and use them at various locations throughout your site.

Suggestion Engine comes with pre-configured pages that may be selected to display product suggestions without the use of shortcodes. These pages include the Search Results page, the Shop page, Product Category pages, Product pages, the Cart page and Check out page.


  • Enable/Disable the search engine feature
  • Suggest the most popular searched products or related products
  • Configure the amount of products/categories/tags displayed on the suggest dropdown
  • Create product list synonyms
  • Display related categories on suggest dropdown
  • Optionally suggest product tags
  • Adjust the order of suggested products, categories and tags
  • Reset Suggestion engine database
  • Suggest results, even if nothing was found
  • Select products for suggestion (top view, best selling, latest, most added to cart, to search, top-rated, sale)
  • Define the order of suggested products
  • Do not display out-of-stock items
  • 3 front-end templates