SMS Customer Notifications


This plugin allows you to send SMS notifications to your customers based on, for instance, the order status.

This plugin lets you connect to four messaging gateways:

Automatic or manual SMS sending

This plugin offers both automatic and manual notifications.

Automatic mode

In automatic mode, an SMS can be sent to a customer when an order reaches a prefconfigured status. For instance; if you choose “Processing Order” a SMS will be sent when the order changes to this status.

Manual mode

In manual mode, a message will be sent by a manual action of the website administrator or shop manager. Manual actions can be triggered from the View orders or the Edit order page.

Also, from the View orders and Edit order pages, you can send bulk-messages to (one or) several customers in manual mode.

Balance display

When the plugin is fully configured, and you have created an account with one of the supported SMS gateways, you can see your remaining balance in real-time in the General options section.