Phone Verification on Checkout


This plugin replaces the default phone verification field on your checkout page with RingCaptcha’s phone verification widget. As WooCoommerce does not have phone verification by default, people can just input random phone numbers. This means that business owners can’t verify if an order is legitimate or not.

It also gives SMS order notifications to admin and customers when an order is placed. This is useful for notifying customers about the status of your shipping or for sending them a thank you message. SMS order notifications are tied to each WooCommerce order status, for example, an SMS is sent to a customer when the order status is updated to ‘completed’.

Plugin Features

  • Ensuring legitimate customers (esp. for cash on delivery).
  • Minimizing bots/fraudulent orders.
  • A real phone number tied to each order.
  • Sending SMS order notifications to customers.
  • Receiving SMS notifications when someone places an order.
  • GDPR-compliant version of the widget for getting consent from users.