PDF Vouchers


This plugin allows you to generate PDF vouchers for customers to redeem either online or in person. The plugin comes with options to style your vouchers. It is possible to add a QR code or barcode to the PDF file.

PDF Vouchers handles the voucher process from generating codes to recording and verifying redeemed vouchers. You´ll be able to automatically generate unique codes, import codes via CSV, or enter them manually. If required, certain codes can be set as restricted so they can only be used once. The plugin is compatible with coupons: vouchers can be converted to coupon codes.


  • Price variations
  • Email notifications
  • Partial redemption
  • Unlimited redemption
  • Combined PDF’s for multiple vouchers
  • Expiry date
  • Voucher validity check
  • Email PDF as attachment
  • Import codes as CSV
  • Add custom logo
  • Reporting
  • Custom instructions
  • Resend giftcard
  • Voucher password Protection
  • Custom CSS