PDF Product Vouchers


This plugin allows you to create customized vouchers with information entered by customers. These vouchers can be used as certificates in your store or given as a gift. You can even let customers redeem vouchers online for purchases in your store as a store credit system.

The plugin allows you to build a voucher template and generate it as a PDF file. These templates let you create fields on the voucher or edit fonts and colors. Customers can fill in the fields on the voucher after they purchase it. They can also choose the background they like from a list of alternative background images.

Once payment has been made, customers will receive vouchers as attachments to their order emails. If a recipient email is set, the recipient will also get an email with vouchers attached. You can let your customers purchase vouchers as gift cards or gift certificates. If customers enter their voucher number in the “coupon code” field, vouchers will automatically be applied to the current purchase.

After a voucher is purchased, it will be added to your “Vouchers” list. This will show the voucher background, voucher number, and remaining value. You can search this list by voucher number, customer name, recipient, or product purchased. You can also edit voucher details, download voucher PDFs, re-send recipient emails, or modify other voucher information. You can also add redemptions or voids for a voucher to reduce the remaining value when a customer uses a voucher.

PDF Product Vouchers supports the use of the Name Your Price extension so that you can allow customers to enter a value for their voucher to be redeemed. Your voucher can include a price field so you know the amount the customer entered when purchasing.

Plugin Features

  • Customize and sell downloadable PDF vouchers
  • Sell vouchers that can later be redeemed in your online store 
  • Scan QR codes on vouchers
  • Create voucher templates
  • Use 6 default voucher backgrounds or upload your own
  • Add product details to customize your vouchers
  • Choose the desired background
  • Personalize vouchers with a recipient name & message
  • View all generated vouchers or search by voucher number
  • Manage vouchers from the voucher list and mark as redeemed
  • Partial redemptions and adding multiple redemptions per voucher
  • Mark a voucher as voided to block further redemptions
  • Send vouchers to friends automatically using recipient email
  • Manually create vouchers to give away store credit
  • Support for the Name Your Price extension