Order Details


This plugin enhances the Order page by putting all the purchase details of in a single page. It allows your customers to see all the details of their purchase (such as cost of the product, taxes, discounts, refunds etc.) at once by giving it a user-friendly style. For each purchase the user will find an arrow icon that allows to display all the data in a table. In addition, with the [wcod_order_details] shortcode the user can track their order by typing the order id.

Plugin Features

The following will be displayed on the page:

  1. Product data: Image, price, taxes
  2. Shipping costs
  3. Fees
  4. Refunds
  5. Subtotals
  6. Totals

Shipping Tracking support

In case the Shipping Tracking is installed, tracking info will be displayed inside the table as well.



By using the following username and password, you can see a demonstration of the plugin: Username: demo Password: demo