Nested Category Layout


The Nested Category Layout plugin allows you to show products organized by category and sub-category on the shop and catalog pages.

Typically, WooCommerce allows you to show subcategories on shop and category pages. While this can be useful, it requires the customers to click on categories, then subcategories to browse products. Instead, this plugin enables you to show some products on the shop or category pages organized by category/subcategory (see screenshots). Customers can click a category/subcategory title if they want to see more products.

This plugin lets you select which categories to nest and which to display normally. You can show this layout on shop pages and category pages or just on category pages.

If there is no category for a product, the plugin will display the product at the top of the page, then display the categories and subcategories. If a product is in both the category and subcategory, it will be displayed with the appropriate subcategory. If a product is only in a parent category, then it will be displayed in the parent category before subcategories are shown.

Plugin Features

  • Separate products by subcategory
  • Select which category pages to alter, and which to render as normal
  • Easily configure the number of products per subcategory to display on the shop and catalog pages
  • Compatibility with Themes and the Genesis Framework
  • Allows customization and support for additional themes and frameworks