NAB Transact


With this plugin, you can use the NAB Transact gateway as a credit card processor. Visa and Mastercard can be processed by default. You can also optionally accept American Express, UnionPay (UPOP), Diners Club and JCB after activation from NAB.

The plugin supports Subscriptions, refunds, and risk management. It also supports both Direct Post and XML API integration methods offered by NAB Transact.

In the Direct Post method, customers are directed to an additional page on your website after checkout for entering their credit card details. This page still has all your branding. The customer’s credit card details are sent directly to NAB servers. This takes care of PCI-DSS compliance so you are no longer responsible for it. Customers who choose to pay with UnionPay (UPOP) are redirected to an additional external page to complete payment.

With the XML API method, customers can enter their credit card details directly on the checkout page. Although this is more streamlined, you are responsible for being PCI-DSS compliant and it does not support UnionPay (UPOP).

In addition, the plugin supports pre-authorization checkouts. In this option, the customer’s funds are not captured immediately. After you enable pre-authorization, you can change the order status to Processing or Completed to automatically capture the payment.

For more information, visit the gateway website or view the documentation.

Plugin Features

  • Supports both Direct Post and XML API method
  • Supports Subscriptions functionality.
  • Supports full and partial refunds.
  • Supports Risk Management functionality offered by NAB Transact.
  • Supports pre-authorization checkouts (where the funds are not captured immediately).