Klarna Payments


The Klarna Payments plugin allows you to add a Klarna hosted widget in your existing checkout that offers payment options to customers. The widget shows the preferred and optimal payment options to the customer. If there is a case that a customer is not eligible for a payment method, then it is not shown. These make it easier for the customer to choose their payment method.

While it includes all popular payment methods, it also provides customer identification. The different payment methods that are provided are as follows; purchase now pay 14 to 30 days after; pay later in instalments; pay in long-term, monthly payments; pay now directly.

After downloading Klarna Order Management, you can handle orders in Klarna directly from your site. It allows access for Klarna Shipping Service, on-site messaging, apply for a cash advance, get insight about how the sales are doing with the Insight app.

Please note that this plugin is for merchants selling in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, UK and United States. An SSL certificate is required.