Kissmetrics is an analytics tool that shows you actionable metrics for your business.  You can build a customized dashboard that shows you the relevant metrics. The plugin allows you to visualize your checkout funnel with sales funnel reports. It is possible to watch visitors interact with your store in real-time.

You can track your revenue across a period of time and segment by product and category. Kissmetrics also shows you the average number of customers over time and the average revenue per customer. This plugin allows you to identify problems in your checkout process by showing you the percentage of customers in each step of your checkout funnel.

Automatically track when subscriptions are activated, suspended, canceled, renewed, and even when free trials expire. The plugin will then show the churn rate, average subscription length, and your cancellation rate without any extra configuration required.

When the Subscriptions plugin is active, this plugin automatically adds the appropriate Subscription events to your tracking data.

Plugin Features

  • Track revenue over time and segments by product, category, etc.
  • Visualize sales funnel
  • Real-time analytics with built-in live view
  • Powerful customization
  • Supports the Subscriptions plugin