Intuit Payments Gateway


The Intuit Payments Gateway plugin allows merchants using an Intuit Payments account to integrate this payment gateway to their online shop. The customer is kept on-site during the checkout process. They can save their credit card information to use for later purchases.

It is only available for merchants in the US, and an SSL certificate is needed. The customer credit card information is tokenised before it is sent through your server, meeting the lower level PCI SAQ A-EP compliance level. 

Plugin Features

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club
  • Capture previously authorized transactions
  • Process refunds/voids automatically
  • Force charges for orders with only virtual items
  • Meets PCI SAQ A-EP compliance standards
  • Mobile friendly checkout
  • Accepts eChecks with Intuit Payments account
  • Save payment methods for later purchase
  • Add nicknames to saved payment methods
  • Keep customers onsite throughout checkout
  • Detailed decline messages
  • Supports Subscriptions and Pre-Orders