Fancy Product Designer


The Fancy Product Designer plugin allows you to design and sell any kind of product. You can decide which product and which part of the product can be customized. There is a helpful layer system to keep track of applied designs. The functions, features and user interface of the plugin are developed to fit any product.

You can upload images from any device, from social media accounts or choose from design categories. You can also apply any color using the color picker tool or choosing from a predefined range of colors.

Images and graphics can be transformed with various options like changing the size, position, and opacity. Size, color, and position of the interface elements can also be changed.

The author of this plugin distributes a number of add-ons for Fancy Product Designer through its own website and others: Multistep Product Configurator, Plus, Pricing Rules & Bulk Variations.

Plugin Features

  • Upload images from multiple sources
  • Multiple image formats supported (JPG, PNG and SVG)
  • Advanced color system
  • Text and image transformations
  • Various layouts for interface
  • Flexible prices for products and interface elements