Coupon Shortcodes


The Coupon Shortcodes plugin allows you to render information about coupons as well as show content based on the validity of coupons. This allows you to offer them specific coupons when their purchase qualifies for the coupons, or offer them to purchase additional items so they can use a coupon.

The shortcodes provided are;

  • [coupon_is_applied]
  • [coupon_is_not_applied]
  • [coupon_is_valid]
  • [coupon_is_not_valid]

These conditional shortcodes allow to enclose contents when these conditions (for examplewhen coupons are valid) are met.

The plugin also provides shortcodes that provides the coupon code, its description and an automatic description of the discount.

  • [coupon_code] provides a coupon code
  • [coupon_description] provides a description of the coupon
  • [coupon_discount] provides information about the discount the coupon provides
  • [coupon_show] renders coupon code, discount info and description
  • [coupon_enumerate] provides a list of all or a set of coupons, to show their code, description or discount information.