Bonus Product


This plugin allows you to create a bonus product which can be either physical or downloadable, based on the category, store, or individual . This plugin can be useful in an eCommerce store as it can provide a discount or an extra product as a gift to the customers, especially on occasions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday etc.

Bonus Product can be customized. For example, you can modify the label text and label color and the minimum cart items required for the bonus product to apply. Customers will see the information of the bonus product, just as they see the information of their original order products. Customers can be allowed to choose their bonus item from a selection of products provided by the administrator.

Generally, vendors create coupons and share those coupons via different marketing channels. However, if clients forget to add a coupon on the cart page they lose their discounts. With this concept, the admin can easily set other products as bonus product.

Plugin Features

  • Provide Bonus when the cart total is a certain amount
  • Provide Bonus when cart total item is a certain count
  • Provide a selected bonus item when item purchased from a selected category
  • Provide a selected bonus item when a selected item is purchased
  • Provide bonus to all category/selected products