After Sale Social Coupon


After Sale Social Coupon plugin provides customers with a coupon for a further purchase after they make their first order.

By using the default Woocommerce coupon system, you can create example coupons and use them in the plugin. You can decide whether you want to generate a coupon per user and change your preference any time. In addition, you can share the URL of the social coupon on Facebook or Twitter with a customised message attached to it. With the simple mode, you can choose whether to send one or multiple coupons at once. With the expert conditional mode, you can designate multiple different conditions to the coupon in order to prevent having discounts on highly priced items when a customer purchases a low priced item.

You can customise:

  • The expiration date and the prefix of a coupon
  • The thank you message at the end of the transaction also by choosing where the pop up will appear on the page
  • The text shown on the admin panel
  • The email you send with the coupon code