Advanced Product Duplicator


This plugin enables users to duplicate a product as it is, or change product content with the ‘Find and Replace’ functionality. This is useful when you need to create a product which is similar to but slightly different from the existing product.

Users can specify words in the product content and image titles for customization within the same window. It allows you to choose which product fields you want to customize such as Title, Description, Product Image, Product Gallery, Product Attributes, Categories, Tags, etc.

Plugin Features

  • ‘Find and Replace’ functionality
  • No word limit for customisation
  • Allows to select which WooCommerce fields should replace each word i.e title, slug, content, meta values
  • Case sensitive option for each word in ‘Find and Replace’ functionality
  • Duplicate button on various position
  • Set roles able to use plugins functionality
  • Set status of the duplicated product i.e Draft, Publish, Pending or Original
  • Set where you want to redirect after duplication
  • Ajax for server requests
  • Set the duplicate button text