Add to Cart Redirect


The Add to Cart Redirect plugin allows you to redirect users immediately after adding a product to their cart. You can configure redirection rules after a customer adds an item to the cart. For example, instead of refreshing the page and showing a message that a product has been added to the cart, you can configure the plugin to send the customer immediately to the checkout.

With the Add to Cart Redirect plugin, you can configure redirects on different levels. Redirect URLs can be configured at the following levels, in order of priority: 1) Product variation 2) Product 3) Global 4) Default behavior

There is a built-in search functionality for all configurable redirects for any type of posts (products, pages, posts, including custom post types). You can also configure a fully custom URL.

In addition, for products that have special terms and conditions, you can send the customer over to that page immediately after they’ve added the product to the cart. This lets you ensure they have read the Terms & Conditions before they continue shopping.