Tab Manager


The Tab Manager plugin allows you to manage your product page tabs so you can create new tabs for products, share tabs among multiple products, and reorder tabs using a visual drag-and-drop interface.

You can create custom tabs from your WordPress dashboard. It also detects most 3rd party tabs added by other plugins, allowing you to hide or order them alongside your own tabs.

Product Slider 1


This product slider plugin lets you showcase your online products in a carousel and slide layout with a lightbox effect to highlight the product details.

There are also a lot of customization options for the product slider. For example, it allows you to filter your product for all possible query conditions like taxonomies, categories, custom fields and search keywords. There is also a product sorting option…

Product Category Tabs


This product category tabs plugin lists products categorically in a tabbed-format. Tabs may be configured in either vertical- or horizontal-view and are responsive. Tab colors can be configured to match your theme color scheme.

Plugin Features

  • Display products category-wise
  • Vertical and horizontal layout
  • Option to show product count
  • Responsive design
  • Option to set theme colour
  • Shortcode support
  • Theme compatible

Animated Columns for Visual Composer


The Animated Columns plugin allows you to add animated columns into your webpage that might represent links to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Various images or icons can be used in these columns, and different effects including customisable colours can be added to them. This plugin requires Visual Composer.


Real-time Desktop Notifications


The Real-time Desktop Notifications plugin allows you to track orders simultaneously with when the customer makes the order.

This plugin has three methods of sending notifications: via desktop, sound or browser tab. With the Desktop notification, a notification box appears on your screen. With the Sound notification, you get a corresponding sound with the desktop notification. And with the Tab notification, your browser tab starts…

Product Contact Form Tab


With Product Contact Form Tab plugin you can add a 'Contact' page into the product page. This allows your customers to contact you via email about the product they are currently viewing. The customer inquiry email is sent to the email address that you choose in the plugin settings.

The admin also has the option to add an address, phone number and social media links…

Product Tabs


The Product Tabs plugin allows you to add and edit multiple new tabs for your products in your online shop next to the usual description tab. For example the Product Inquiry Tab, Frequently Asked Questions Tab, Google Maps Tab, Image Gallery Carousel Tab and Video Carousel Tab are available for use and customisation. By choosing the tab type you want, you can decide the order, the status and the icon of the…