Product Enquiry Pro


This plugin is both an enquiry form and quote request plugin. With this plugin you can:

  • Connect and communicate to prospective clients
  • Create quotations from the WordPress backend
  • Negotiate deals
  • Convert WooCommerce into a catalog website
  • Customize the inquiry form

The plugin add an 'Enquiry' or 'Request a Quote' button, which can be positioned next to a product or on the webshop page.…

Smart Refunder


Typically, the refund process can take hours to days, depending on how quickly support requests are processed. With the Smart Refunder plugin, customers can get instant refunds if store owners opt-in and the payment gateway supports it. If instant refunds are not available, store owners can process refund requests manually. They can also issue cash refunds or store credits as well as review order and pricing details. Customers can request full or…



With the LiveChat plugin, you can hold multiple live chat sessions with customers on your website and help them through the purchase process. You can also send canned responses to frequently asked questions, add chat tags, see transcripts of past conversations and send files to customers through the live chat window.

If you're offline, your plugin widget is replaced with a ticket form. It means that…

Clickatell SMS Notifications


The Clickatell SMS Notifications plugin allows you to send SMS notifications to customers when their order status changes. These notifications can be customized via the settings page. You can add order totals, first names and the shop name. You can also enable/disable the notifications depending on the order status.

The plugin also creates delivery reports that are integrated into the order notes system. Reports show you…

Help Scout


With the Help Scout plugin, you can connect your online store to a Help Scout mailbox. This lets your customers request assistance with orders and allows you to respond quickly. You can also view a list of active Help Scout tickets.

This plugin allows you to manage relevant conversations with your customers. In addition to this plugin, you have to subscribe to a Helpscout monthly plan.…

Product Contact Form Tab


With Product Contact Form Tab plugin you can add a 'Contact' page into the product page. This allows your customers to contact you via email about the product they are currently viewing. The customer inquiry email is sent to the email address that you choose in the plugin settings.

The admin also has the option to add an address, phone number and social media links…

Order On Whatsapp for Multi Vendors


The Order On Whatsapp for Multi Vendors plugin allows your customers to get in contact with the vendors of the products on your website directly via Whatsapp.

As the admin, you can enter the phone number associated with the product and a message of your choice that is going to be seen in the WhatsApp conversation before the product title.

Order On Whatsapp


With this plugin, your customers can contact you via WhatsApp from a "Order on WhatsApp" button on your product's page. This allows your customer to ask you questions regarding their order via WhatsApp and get answers from you directly.