Mix and Match Products


The Mix and Match Products plugin offers similar products in bulk containers and creates custom assortments. This is useful for customers who want to buy in bulk without being forced to buy items that don't interest them.

You can set the size limit of the assortment/container and define which items should be available to choose while allowing your customer to choose the individual products being…

Measurement Price Calculator


The Measurement Price Calculator plugin lets you add and configure a calculator for products that are sold based on their dimensions, square footage, volume, or weight. For example, products that are not sold in quantities of "1", such as wallpaper or tiles.

The plugin allows customers to add quantities on their own. You can allow the customer to provide an area and depth of the item,…

Favicon Counter


The Favicon Counter plugin allows the admin to display the number of items in the cart automatically on the browser tab whenever the customer adds or removes an item from the cart, while always showing the item count of the customer.

With this plugin, you can choose whether to display the number of items in the cart on the browser tab, you can customise the…

Bra Size Calculator


This Bra Size Calculator plugin helps you know the exact bra size in different countries. The plugin includes both band size and bust size. With this calculator, you can convert your size to the respective sizes for different countries/zones.


Paint Cost Estimator


Paint Cost Estimator allows your customers to calculate and estimate the price of both interior- and exterior paints. The calculation is made by specifying the surface dimension of the place that is planned to be painted, and choosing options such as "Interior versus Exterior", "Fresh versus Re-Paint", "Square Feet versus Square Meters". Total carpeted area, number of doors and windows are also elements that are included in the calculation. After specifying these…