Shipping Tracking


The Shipping Tracking plugin helps you to track shipment and estimate the delivery of an order. With this plugin, a shipping company and a tracking number can be assigned to any order. The plugin will show the tracking information in the ‘Complete Order’ email and ‘View Order’ page. Thus, the customers can track their orders with the link provided by the plugin. If the company allows to use a tracking URL, the URL will redirect to the website of the company in which the customer can check their shipping status with their tracking code.


  • Define your own shipping companies.
  • Send multiple tracking codes.
  • Dispatch texts, and custom texts
  • Customisable email and order details in an HTML snippet
  • Tracking information on all emails
  • Tracking information on order details page
  • Estimated shipping time for products
  • Estimated delivery times for different delivery methods
  • Bulk import the data from a csv file
  • Delivery date and time input fields.



By using the following username and password, you can see a demonstration of the plugin: Username: demo Password: demo

Conditional Shipping


Create unlimited shipping zones and shipping methods, define costs per order, per weight unit or per item, set up multiple conditions that need to be matched for each shipping method to become available.

Charge additionally for non-standard items or set up shipping costs per shipping class. This WooCommerce Shipping plugin allows you to reward your customers with free (or reduced rate) shipping based on their previous shopping.