Australia Post Shipping Method


This plugin enables you to get rates for shipping products in and around Australia. It handles both domestic and international parcels.

For this plugin, your store needs to use Australian Dollars for its currency and cm and kg for dimension and weight. However, other units can also be converted automatically.

The plugin can check the availability and cost of…



This plugin lets you calculate shipping rates for your customers’ orders on the checkout screen. You can save time when shipping your orders by calculating the shipping rates upfront using rates provided by Aramex (a global provider of logistics and transportation solutions).

Please note that you require WooCommerce version 2.3 or higher and an active Aramex merchant account to use this plugin. See the

New Zealand Post


The New Zealand Post Group connects people, businesses and communities. This plugin allows you to offer New Zealand Post rates to your customers which are pulled directly from their API.

For this plugin, you need to use NZ dollars as currency and New Zealand as the base country. Although the plugin mainly works with mm and kg, other units can be converted automatically.


FedEx Shipping Method


FedEx Express provides reliable, time-definite delivery to more than 220 countries. This plugin can calculate quotes worldwide, as it handles both domestic and international parcels.

The plugin mainly works with ins and lbs, but other units can be converted automatically. Please note that the plugin requires that your store uses US or Canadian Dollars for its currency as well as US or Canada as the…

Colissimo Shipping


Colissimo Shipping provides a shipping method that allows you to automatically calculate shipping rates for customers. This plugin can calculate shipping rates worldwide.

The plugin provides Colissimo prices and services. The following services are provided: Colissimo France, Colissimo Emballage France, Colissimo Europe, Colissimo Outre-Mer, Colissimo Economique Outre-Mer, Colissimo International, and Colissimo Emballage International

Please note that you need an active

Spee-Dee Delivery


The Spee-Dee Delivery Service operates in the upper midwest region of the United States. They claim to deliver packages faster than their national competition and to be 31-47% cheaper than their competition.

The Spee-Dee Delivery plugin dynamically creates shipping estimates using Spee-Dee’s API, allowing you to get packages to your customers more efficiently.

SAPO International Parcel Service


South African Post Office (SAPO) is the largest parcel delivery network in South Africa. It offers parcel services to customers worldwide. With the International Parcel Service Shipping plugin, you can calculate shipping costs for international customers based on the cart weight for air and surface shipping. Check out SAPO Domestic Parcel Service if you need shipping rates within South Africa.

In addition, you also have…

SAPO Domestic Parcel Service


South Africa Post Office (SAPO) is the largest parcel delivery network in South Africa. It offers counter-to-counter parcel services. With the SAPO Domestic Parcel Service plugin, you can calculate shipping rates for your customers based on their cart weight. The shipping rates can only be calculated within South Africa. Check out SAPO International Parcel Service if you need SAPO shipping outside South Africa.

You also…

Purolator Shipping Method


The Purolator Shipping Method plugin allows you calculate shipping charges by taking advantage of the Purolator API. The plugin is for domestic and international delivery from Canada. It is possible to show a customizable delivery date text to the customers.

Please note that this plugin requires you to enter a Canadian postal code in the Origin Postcode field in the admin.