Global Payments Gateway


The Global Payments Gateway plugin allows you to take credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Laser, Switch, and Diners Card via Global Payments without the customers leaving your site.

With Global Payments Card Storage, your customers can securely save and manage their credit cards for future purchases. The card information is tokenised and saved on Global Payments secure servers. You can optionally enable 3D secure, which allows you to eliminate charge-backs.…

French Invoice And Certification Documentation by KIWIZ


This plugin integrates your online store with KIWIZ, which certifies your transactions invoicing documents (invoices and credit notes) in France. KIWIZ is compliant with the VAT Fraud Prevention Law as it makes the data unalterable, secures the data, conserves the data, and archives it. In addition, it generates PDF versions of invoices and credit notes.

PDF Watermark


The PDF Watermark plugin allows you to protect and secure your eBooks and other PDF downloads by placing image or text watermarks on them.

In addition to text and image watermarks, this plugin comes with additional features, such as the ability to password protect your PDF file downloads and prevent copying, modification or printing any of your eBooks or PDF files.


Private Store


Hide your WooCommerce content behind a login page. Your webshop can be unlocked automatically when someone logs into their user account or by using a predefined password (no account), while keeping it hidden from guests. The use of multiple passwords is supported.

This plugin hides the main shop page, cart, checkout, products, categories, tags, etc. Your WooCommerce hidden store is automatically hidden from search engines…

Protected Categories


This plugin enables you to create non-public product categories. This is useful for creating customer specific product sections (i.e. photographers, schools, clubs, etc.) or B2B sections. Access to categories can be password based (multiple passwords per category possible), role based or user specific. Users with access automatically see categories that are hidden to 'regular' users. If a category is protected, all sub-categories and products within the category inherit this protection. You can…



The Anti-Fraud plugin helps you to detect fake transactions by scanning and providing a risk score for each transaction made in your web store.

This plugin lets you assign a ‘risk weight’ to each risk factor, meaning that you assign the importance of each risk factor (for example email is a known free email address). The higher the risk weight is for each category, the higher…

Paypal Pro Hosted Gateway


Paypal Pro Hosted Gateway allows you to accept credit- and debit card or Paypal payments, without capturing or storing card information on your website. Using this plugin, payment information is collected using an inline frame (iframe) in your store. This way, you can have the security and comfort of using Paypal without having to redirect customers away from your store.


US Export Compliance


The US Export Compliance plugin enables you to deal with US Export requirements by integrating with your shop's workflow. US shop owners selling goods and services, are required to comply with export regulations published by several US departments (Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury and Department of of State). Each department provides its own screening list and these can have over 30,000 records. This plugin allows you to control every order…

Software Add-on


Sell software licenses and upgrades. The Software Add-on gives you the ability to manage license keys and activations via your store. You can categorize your products as software via the edit product page after which you can define software specific properties. When customers purchase software, they will receive an auto-generated license key from the system in their order-complete email. This email contains the key and remaining activations. You can resend these emails…