Woo Order On WhatsApp


Woo Order on WhatsApp allows your customers to place orders through WhatsApp. The plugin adds a button on the Product Page and Cart Page which allows your customers to access WhatsApp for ordering products.

When an order is placed you'll receive notification with the product name, price and page URL.


Klarna Payments


The Klarna Payments plugin allows you to add a Klarna hosted widget in your existing checkout that offers payment options to customers. The widget shows the preferred and optimal payment options to the customer. If there is a case that a customer is not eligible for a payment method, then it is not shown. These make it easier for the customer to choose their payment method.

Postcode/Address Validation


The Postcode/Address Validation plugin allows you to add address verification, auto-complete, or postcode lookup functions to your checkout process in your online shop. This in turn simplifies the process in addition to preventing customer's to use invalid addresses. The plugin works together with a service that provide address or postcode lookup (for example Loqate, SmartyStreets, Postcode.nl, PostcodeSoftware.net, Crafty Clicks)

Loqate provides the address auto-complete for all around the…

e-Path Gateway


The e-Path Gateway plugin allows you to accept online credit card payments and charge them offline safely. This is done by collecting your customers' credit card details with an approval to charge. The admin gets an email to securely view the credit card details and process the order offline. For this process a MOTO merchant account is necessary. This plugin only charges for the setup and an annual fee for their service,…

Min/Max Quantity


This plugin allows you to define quantity rules for orders, products and product variations. Products can be grouped to set limitations in bulk.

With the Min/Max Quantity plugin you can setup limits for both the order amount of products and the quantity of products. You can create groups with specific rules for a specific set of products. There is no limit to the amount of groups…



The Waitlist plugin allows you to track the demand for out-of-stock items and automatically notify customers when a product becomes available for purchase. By making a waiting list of people that wants the out-of-stock items, you can notify them easily when it is in stock and record who has been notified about which product. It also allows you to identify most wanted products to prioritise re-stocking. You can allow customers to review…

Klarna Checkout


The Klarna Checkout plugin allows you to manage all the transactions in your online site under one roof. It is mobile friendly and it allows for one-click repeat purchases. While it includes all popular payment methods, it also provides customer identification. The different payment methods that are provided are as follows; purchase now pay 14 to 30 days after; pay later in…

PayPal Checkout


The PayPay Checkout plugin allows you to integrate PayPal and major credit and debit cards in your checkout process while keeping the customer on-site.

Please note that India, Israel, Japan and Brazil are not supported by this plugin.

Plugin Features

  • Checkout without leaving your site
  • Accept PayPal
  • Accept all major credit & debit cards (Visa,…

TrustCommerce gateway


The TrustCommerce payment gateway allows you to accept payments in US dollars from all major credit cards and eChecks through your online store. With in-browser card validation, customers can see any mistakes they made during checkout. Before they proceed, they can pay with saved tokens.

Plugin Features

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB
  • Support payment, cancellation, reactivation, suspension, date…



The Worldpay plugin allows you to accept online payments with credit and debit cards (Diners, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Maestro and JCB) through Worldpay. You can, optionally, let Worldpay handle the payment on their website. After the payment, the customer is redirected to the configured "thank you" page on your website. This plugin supports WooCommerce Subscriptions, Pre-Orders and Tokens.