Splash Popup


The Splash Popup plugin allows you to show specific content (latest offers etc.) to new and returning customers with lightbox popup. The popups can include things such as reminders to sign up to newsletters or important content to all your visitors. So when someone enters your online shop, they will be shown the popup immediately. It is possible to show different content to logged out users, logged in users, and logged in…

Load More Products


This plugin replaces the default product page (with pagination), and replaces it with an Infinite Scroll page or Ajax pagination.

Using infinite scroll, more products will be loaded automatically when the user scrolls to the end of the page. Using Ajax pagination, the end of the page will hold a 'load more' button, which adds products to the page without reloading the page itself. Also…

Custom Thank You Pages


This plugin allows you to make custom thank you pages per product for customers that have purchased something from your online store.

From Advanced Settings, you can customize thank you pages for specific products. For example, you can show related products based on what someone just purchased. After purchasing a digital product, you can show in the page how to set it up and use…

AWeber Newsletter Subscription


The AWeber Newsletter Subscription plugin allows you to create mailings lists to assemble your client list and share the content you want with them about your online store.

You can create rules that manage which users are going to be in which mailing lists to keep the mailing lists clean. When people subscribe to the newsletter, you can automatically add/remove tags to the customers based on…

Advanced Product Labels



Advanced Product Labels allows you to create promotional labels (or banners / buttons) to indicate special attributes of products (Free, Sale, etc). This plugin lets you use conditions so you can add specific labels to specific product thumbnails in your shop. In addition you can style your labels; you can configure the shape or label type, position, colors, background (image) and tooltip.



This plugin enables you to track when carts are abandoned, capture customer email addresses and then send recovery emails to encourage the customers who abandoned these carts to complete their purchase.

An unlimited number of campaigns (a collection of emails) can be set up to send recovery emails. In addition to a standard campaign, you can also create unique campaigns for special events like holidays or…

Cart Suggestions


This Cart Suggestions plugin shows additional products to your customers. Suggestions can be configured for both categories and products. The suggestions displayed to customers are based on these suggestion settings in combination with the products that the customer has added to the cart.


Suggestion Engine


This Suggestion Engine plugin improves the search system. The plugin adds a dropdown with search results to your search bar. Your customers will be able to directly visit the product, product category or product tags they need. From the first search character typed, the search result bar will appear and adjust the results as more characters are entered.

Additionally, this plugin is able to create…

Coupon Restrictions


The Coupon Restrictions plugin allows you to restrict coupons to a specific audience: new or existing customers; specific countries, states, provinces, zip codes or postal codes.

Restricting coupons for the new customers allows you to present a coupon for the first purchase of the customer after verifying that they have not purchased anything from you before. For existing customers, you can target specific situations such…