Cart Suggestions


This Cart Suggestions plugin shows additional products to your customers. Suggestions can be configured for both categories and products. The suggestions displayed to customers are based on these suggestion settings in combination with the products that the customer has added to the cart.


Suggestion Engine


This Suggestion Engine plugin improves the search system. The plugin adds a dropdown with search results to your search bar. Your customers will be able to directly visit the product, product category or product tags they need. From the first search character typed, the search result bar will appear and adjust the results as more characters are entered.

Additionally, this plugin is able to create…

Coupon Restrictions


The Coupon Restrictions plugin allows you to restrict coupons to a specific audience: new or existing customers; specific countries, states, provinces, zip codes or postal codes.

Restricting coupons for the new customers allows you to present a coupon for the first purchase of the customer after verifying that they have not purchased anything from you before. For existing customers, you can target specific situations such…

Google Ads


With the Google Ads plugin, you can generate optimized Google Shopping Ads for your online store. After selecting what categories you want to advertise, the plugin automatically generates smart Google Shopping feeds, automates bidding, and measures conversions and sales for your marketing. This allows you to find more people on Google that are interested in your products; maximize your sales with the automated bidding; market the products that you already have in…

Amazon and eBay Integration


The Amazon and eBay Integration plugin is an integration for Codisto, which allows you to list all the products from your online store on Amazon and eBay. This plugin allows you to create new Amazon and eBay listings or link existing listings to the matching products in your online store. You can set separate product details and pricing for the listings based…

Advanced Product Labels


The Advanced Product Labels plugin lets you create and add visual labels / banner / pills to your product thumbnails. This allows you to promote your free products, highlight “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for your products. You can target specific products in your shop to display a label. For example, you can add a ‘New’ label to products added less than X days ago, show a ‘Sale’ label for products…

Newsletter Subscription


The Newsletter Subscription plugin allows you to integrate a checkbox into your checkout to have your customers subscribe to the mailing list of your choice. You can also configure a widget that will place a signup form in your sidebar or any other widget area.

The plugin comes with has a dashboard widget that enables you to look at stats such as the current trends and…