Splash Popup


The Splash Popup plugin allows you to show specific content (latest offers etc.) to new and returning customers with lightbox popup. The popups can include things such as reminders to sign up to newsletters or important content to all your visitors. So when someone enters your online shop, they will be shown the popup immediately. It is possible to show different content to logged out users, logged in users, and logged in…

Advanced Product Labels


The Advanced Product Labels plugin lets you create and add visual labels / banner / pills to your product thumbnails. This allows you to promote your free products, highlight “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for your products. You can target specific products in your shop to display a label. For example, you can add a ‘New’ label to products added less than X days ago, show a ‘Sale’ label for products…

Chained Products


The Chained Products plugin allows you to create product bundles and offers. When a customer purchases a product, the products that are in the bundle are automatically included. Creating bundles can be done by combining multiple simple or variable products. Each of the products added to the main product can have its own individual pricing. This plugin also allows you to give away additional products for free while purchasing a main product.…

All Products for Subscriptions


The All Products for Subscriptions plugin allows you to add subscription plans to your existing products. This allows the customers to optionally subscribe to certain products. With this plugin, you can offer subscription plans not only on the product page but also in the cart, which allows the customers to add the plans right before checking out. The customers can also add products to their existing subscriptions, which allows them to manage…

Checkout Add-ons


The Checkout Add-ons plugin allows you to add additional, free or paid, options and services (for example gift wrapping) to the checkout page. You can apply costs per option in the add-ons.

You can add new checkout fields from Checkout Add-ons Menu. From this menu, you can add your field name (or replace the name with a descriptive label for the checkout page), determine field type,…

Store Credit


This plugin allows you to create store credit style coupons. You can personalize your relationship with the customer and build customer loyalty with a gift voucher that can be used at your shop. For example, a $30 voucher used at checkout for a $10 purchase will allow for a future purchase of $20 or until the total value expires or is exhausted. Customers can also buy products worth more than the remaining credit and…

Buy One Get One Free


The Buy One Get One Free plugin allows you to give away one or more free items with the purchase of another item. If the customer adds a specific quantity of a product to the cart, then the plugin is able to add one or more items of the same (or another) product to the cart.

For example, give away a product for free when…

PDF Product Vouchers


This plugin allows you to create customized vouchers with information entered by customers. These vouchers can be used as certificates in your store or given as a gift. You can even let customers redeem vouchers online for purchases in your store as a store credit system.

The plugin allows you to build a voucher template and generate it as a PDF file. These templates let you create fields…

Points and Rewards


The Points and Rewards plugin allows you to reward your customers with points which can be redeemed for discounts for their purchases. For example, points can be given to customers for actions like signing up or writing a product review. You can set the points at the product, category, or global level. In addition, you can control the maximum discount available while redeeming points. Adjusting the points balance is done immediately, so…