Cart Suggestions


This Cart Suggestions plugin shows additional products to your customers. Suggestions can be configured for both categories and products. The suggestions displayed to customers are based on these suggestion settings in combination with the products that the customer has added to the cart.




The Brands plugin allows you to create brands that can be named, described and assigned an image for your online shop. After creating a brand, it can be assigned to a product. It can be listed and indexed on a page with A-Z shortcodes. They can be shown as thumbnails and in the sidebar. With a navigation widget, you can filter and view products according to their brands.

Currency Converter Widget


Currency Converter Widget is a dynamic currency switcher for displaying product prices and totals.

The plugin dynamically grabs the latest exchange rates and substitutes displayed prices in real-time by making use of money.js and the Open Source Exchange Rates API. All prices, including totals, are updated. Checkout is still done using your store’s base…



This Photography plugin is designed to assist professional photographers with managing and selling their images. It involves uploading and setting up of the photographs as well as the sale and customer purchase experience.

The plugin has a batch photograph uploader which shortens the time it takes to upload photographs to your store.

Photography also includes an intuitive photograph browsing and purchasing…

Custom Add To Cart Button


The Custom Add to Cart Button allows you to replace the button text with a different text or icon. It is also possible to add an icon to the cart button text. By changing to icon only, you don't lose accessibility; the button text will be present in the HTML to be read by screen-readers.

This plugin uses the Customizer for its settings, under Appearance ->…

Quick View Pro


This plugin allows adds a 'quick view' button to your product overviews. The button opens a customizable lightbox, showing product information and images, for instance:

  • Generate a product gallery lightbox with multiple images, including image zoom functionality.
  • Have customers choose product variations directly from the lightbox.

Customers can add a product to their cart and, on closing…

All Products for Subscriptions


The All Products for Subscriptions plugin allows you to add subscription plans to your existing products. This allows the customers to optionally subscribe to certain products. With this plugin, you can offer subscription plans not only on the product page but also in the cart, which allows the customers to add the plans right before checking out. The customers can also add products to their existing subscriptions, which allows them to manage…

Checkout Add-ons


The Checkout Add-ons plugin allows you to add additional, free or paid, options and services (for example gift wrapping) to the checkout page. You can apply costs per option in the add-ons.

You can add new checkout fields from Checkout Add-ons Menu. From this menu, you can add your field name (or replace the name with a descriptive label for the checkout page), determine field type,…

Product Table


The Barn 2 Product Table plugin allows you to create highly customized product overviews. Create product listings based on category, tag, ID, status, date or author, or exclude categories or specific products. You can show (custom) terms and use taxonomies to create term specific product listings.

From the table, customers can select preferred quantities and directly add products to the cart. Next to each product, a…

Mix and Match Products


The Mix and Match Products plugin offers similar products in bulk containers and creates custom assortments. This is useful for customers who want to buy in bulk without being forced to buy items that don't interest them.

You can set the size limit of the assortment/container and define which items should be available to choose while allowing your customer to choose the individual products being…