Terms and Conditions Popup


This plugin allows you to show your terms and conditions without requiring your customers to leave the checkout page. The plugin comes with a number of styles and configuration options. There are also options for conditional logic on when to show your popup.


Splash Popup


The Splash Popup plugin allows you to show specific content (latest offers etc.) to new and returning customers with lightbox popup. The popups can include things such as reminders to sign up to newsletters or important content to all your visitors. So when someone enters your online shop, they will be shown the popup immediately. It is possible to show different content to logged out users, logged in users, and logged in…



WooMotiv is a social proof notification plugin. The plugin shows notifications of recent (and random) sales and reviews. Notifications or popups can be customized to your liking, including shape, size and position.


  • Recent / Random sales popups
  • Product reviews popups
  • Custom popups
  • Report
  • Display Customer Avatar
  • Display Product Featured image
  • Change Popup Size
  • Multiple Positions
  • Multiple Shapes
  • Multiple Animations
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Preview Style Changes
  • Customize the popup text
  • Campaign Tracking

Delivery Price


With this plugin, you can add new features about the delivery price in your website, such as choosing which elements to show or hide in the checkout page.

This plugin will allow you to choose what will be shown or hidden in the checkout page. For instance, it enables you to hide the payment button when the cart total is below a certain limit. A…

Quick View


The Quick View Plugin allows customers to view product information via AJAX without having the need to open the product page in a new tab. With this plugin, the admin can choose whether they want to open the quick view content in a modal or inline directly in the category pages. In addition, which data should be shown to the customer can be chosen by the admin, in addition, the chosen text…

Shop for Discount


The Shop for Discount plugin allows the online shop owners to give a reward to the customers for their time spent looking at the products on their site. Certain rules can be made by the admin on how to reward the customer. These rewards can be turn into a discount with the rules that are set by the admin.

This plugin is compatible with other…

Exit Coupon


Exit Coupon is a plugin which offers a coupon to the customers who want to leave your website. This plugin detects exit intent and shows a modal popup with a coupon that you have previously set. The coupon gets automatically stored in the customer's clipboard, ready to use in the checkout page or the cart page.

Plugin Features

  • Compatible…

Edit Cart Item Variations


The Edit Cart Item Variations plugin allows your customer to be able to make changes to variable products without removing the product from their cart.

The plugin produces a pop-up from which your customer can modify the product settings. There is a variety of layouts available for the pop-up, such as table, grid, list, boxed layouts. Additionally the pop-op can be configures with a number of…



The Trustify plugin is an effective marketing tool that generates fake social evidence to create a sense of engagement around your website by showing order notification popups. With this plugin, you can customize what you want to display in the notification box i.e. only text, text and image on the left, or text and image on the right. It has pre-built front end views and supports responsive mode and multiple browsers.