The Brands plugin allows you to create brands that can be named, described and assigned an image for your online shop. After creating a brand, it can be assigned to a product. It can be listed and indexed on a page with A-Z shortcodes. They can be shown as thumbnails and in the sidebar. With a navigation widget, you can filter and view products according to their brands.

Advanced Product Labels


The Advanced Product Labels plugin lets you create and add visual labels / banner / pills to your product thumbnails. This allows you to promote your free products, highlight “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for your products. You can target specific products in your shop to display a label. For example, you can add a ‘New’ label to products added less than X days ago, show a ‘Sale’ label for products…

Custom Add To Cart Button


The Custom Add to Cart Button allows you to replace the button text with a different text or icon. It is also possible to add an icon to the cart button text. By changing to icon only, you don't lose accessibility; the button text will be present in the HTML to be read by screen-readers.

This plugin uses the Customizer for its settings, under Appearance ->…

Checkout Field Editor


The Checkout Field Editor plugin allows you to customize your checkout fields via the admin settings. You can add, edit, and remove fields shown on your checkout page. Fields can be added and removed from the billing and shipping sections, as well as inserted after these sections next to the standard ‘order notes’.

This plugin enables you to add/edit several types of custom fields including text, select,…



JetWooBuilder is a pagebuilder addon for elementor (required). This plugin enables you to build WooCommerce templates by introducing additional elementor widgets, such as a categories grid, products grid, products list and taxonomy tiles. You can build your own single product page layouts and product overview pages.


Order Details


This plugin enhances the Order page by putting all the purchase details of in a single page. It allows your customers to see all the details of their purchase (such as cost of the product, taxes, discounts, refunds etc.) at once by giving it a user-friendly style. For each purchase the user will find an arrow icon that allows to display all the data in a table. In addition, with the [wcod_order_details]

Masonry Products Grid


The Masonry Products Grid plugin provides the ability to control fonts, colours, menu colour and font customisation to the website admins. Some of the features of the plugin include displaying the Masonry Products Grid, controlling the number of products to list, choosing the product categories to show products from, changing the menu background colour and fonts, customising the font type, size, colour etc., controlling the product title display as well as the…

Delivery Price


With this plugin, you can add new features about the delivery price in your website, such as choosing which elements to show or hide in the checkout page.

This plugin will allow you to choose what will be shown or hidden in the checkout page. For instance, it enables you to hide the payment button when the cart total is below a certain limit. A…

Quick View


The Quick View Plugin allows customers to view product information via AJAX without having the need to open the product page in a new tab. With this plugin, the admin can choose whether they want to open the quick view content in a modal or inline directly in the category pages. In addition, which data should be shown to the customer can be chosen by the admin, in addition, the chosen text…

Search by SKU


With this plugin, you can search products with the SKU (Stock Keeping Units) code in your website. With the plugin, you will get the option of whether to search products by SKU code in your General Settings. You also get the option to hide SKU product from the description page.


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