After The Order


The After The Order plugin helps you record critical order processing notes and avoid errors. You can set up order management notes that are emailed to the store manager when an order is received.

Also, you can create checklists and reminder notes to avoid making errors. This plugin allows you to use cross-sells by using product-specific notes that show complementary products or services, as well…

Order Status Control


The Order Status Control plugin allows you to get greater control over when paid orders are automatically completed. For example, if you sell shippable products, you typically need to ship them before completing the order. However, you may want some virtual orders to be auto-completed. Or you may not want any orders to automatically complete at all.

With this plugin, you can block virtual and…

TrustCommerce gateway


The TrustCommerce payment gateway allows you to accept payments in US dollars from all major credit cards and eChecks through your online store. With in-browser card validation, customers can see any mistakes they made during checkout. Before they proceed, they can pay with saved tokens.

Plugin Features

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB
  • Support payment, cancellation, reactivation, suspension, date…

Purchase Order Gateway


The Purchase Order Gateway plugin allows you to receive purchase order ID's via your online store. It adds a field to the checkout screen where your customer can enter their purchase order number when they check out from your store.

The plugin requires no configuration. To tweak the instructions shown to the customer, visit the Settings > Checkout > Purchase Order screen.



The TaxJar plugin allows you to manage your sales tax by preparing reports for the cities and countries in which you have customers. With the AutoFile function, the plugin can submit your tax forms (US and Canada) for you when they are due. It is possible to integrate this plugin with other marketplace plugins. This plugin requires a TaxJar account.

Amazon and eBay Integration


The Amazon and eBay Integration plugin is an integration for Codisto, which allows you to list all the products from your online store on Amazon and eBay. This plugin allows you to create new Amazon and eBay listings or link existing listings to the matching products in your online store. You can set separate product details and pricing for the listings based…

PayPal Powered by Braintree


The PayPal Powered by Braintree plugin allows you to securely receive online payments for the products and subscriptions in your online store without your customers leaving your site. You'll be able to accept Paypal and the major Credit- and Debit cards. With One TouchTM , customers are able to continue checkout without the need to enter their passwords (up to six months). The…

Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway


The Alipay Cross-Border plugin allows you to accept payments throught the Chinese payment gateway Alipay. Thus, this plugin allows you to accept payments from Chinese customers purchasing your products by using their Debit/Credit card, Alipay account or Renminbi (Yuan).


Product Vendors


The Product Vendors plugin allows you to create a marketplace in your online shop in which multiple vendors can sell their products. This way, you can take commission on sales that the vendors make. While doing this, you can either continue selling your own products, or just be the online shop that can sell anything. You can set individual commission rates to each vendor, and allow them to manage their own products.…