Clickatell SMS Notifications


The Clickatell SMS Notifications plugin allows you to send SMS notifications to customers when their order status changes. These notifications can be customized via the settings page. You can add order totals, first names and the shop name. You can also enable/disable the notifications depending on the order status.

The plugin also creates delivery reports that are integrated into the order notes system. Reports show you…

After The Order


The After The Order plugin helps you record critical order processing notes and avoid errors. You can set up order management notes that are emailed to the store manager when an order is received.

Also, you can create checklists and reminder notes to avoid making errors. This plugin allows you to use cross-sells by using product-specific notes that show complementary products or services, as well…



This plugin allows you to receive Slack notifications for events in your store as they happen, allowing you and your team to easily stay updated with minimal effort.

There are currently seven notification events that can optionally be enabled i.e. New Post, New Order, Backorder, Low on Stock, Out of Stock, New Customer, New Review. You…

Product Disclaimer


This plugin helps you to display specific terms and conditions. In fact, this plugin can be used to display any message that you want to display before the user adds the product to the cart. Plugin Disclaimer allows you to set a message at various levels; you can set a disclaimer per product, per category or globally (one disclaimer for all products). The following product types are supported:

Sales Report Email


The Sales Report Email plugin sends emails daily, weekly or monthly, with information about how your store’s products are performing.

This plugin allows you to identify the products that are performing well in your store. The email notifications send this information directly to your inbox without any extra steps required.

The plugin is intuitive to configure. To set it up, you just…

Email Customizer


The Email Customizer plugin enables you to customize the design of all the emails your customer receives from you. The plugin allows you to visually modify the design of your email templates with the drag-and-drop method using the built-in WordPress Customizer. Please note that this plugin customizes the design of your emails and not the text or content of emails.

Plugin Features



The Anti-Fraud plugin helps you to detect fake transactions by scanning and providing a risk score for each transaction made in your web store.

This plugin lets you assign a ‘risk weight’ to each risk factor, meaning that you assign the importance of each risk factor (for example email is a known free email address). The higher the risk weight is for each category, the higher…

Advanced Notifications


The Advanced Notifications plugin allows you to set up order and stock notifications for multiple users and third parties. The plugin can be used for notifying staff and users of sales, sending stock notices to suppliers, or sending new orders to dropshippers.

With this plugin, you can create a recipient, assign them a name and an email address. The recipient can then be selected to…



WooMotiv is a social proof notification plugin. The plugin shows notifications of recent (and random) sales and reviews. Notifications or popups can be customized to your liking, including shape, size and position.


  • Recent / Random sales popups
  • Product reviews popups
  • Custom popups
  • Report
  • Display Customer Avatar
  • Display Product Featured image
  • Change Popup Size
  • Multiple Positions
  • Multiple Shapes
  • Multiple Animations
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Preview Style Changes
  • Customize the popup text
  • Campaign Tracking