Custom Thank You Pages


This plugin allows you to make custom thank you pages per product for customers that have purchased something from your online store.

From Advanced Settings, you can customize thank you pages for specific products. For example, you can show related products based on what someone just purchased. After purchasing a digital product, you can show in the page how to set it up and use…

AWeber Newsletter Subscription


The AWeber Newsletter Subscription plugin allows you to create mailings lists to assemble your client list and share the content you want with them about your online store.

You can create rules that manage which users are going to be in which mailing lists to keep the mailing lists clean. When people subscribe to the newsletter, you can automatically add/remove tags to the customers based on…

Newsletter Subscription


The Newsletter Subscription plugin allows you to integrate a checkbox into your checkout to have your customers subscribe to the mailing list of your choice. You can also configure a widget that will place a signup form in your sidebar or any other widget area.

The plugin comes with has a dashboard widget that enables you to look at stats such as the current trends and…

Phone Verification on Checkout


This plugin replaces the default phone verification field on your checkout page with RingCaptcha’s phone verification widget. As WooCoommerce does not have phone verification by default, people can just input random phone numbers. This means that business owners can’t verify if an order is legitimate or not.

It also gives SMS order notifications to admin and customers when an order is placed. This is useful for…

Campaign Monitor Signup


This plugin enables customers to subscribe to your Campaign Monitor newsletter while at the checkout page.

Please note that to use this plugin, a Campaign Monitor account, and an API Key is required. The API Key can be found in the Settings page. Once it is entered, a list of clients will get generated. On selecting a client, the "Lists and Subscribers" for that client…

Twilio Order SMS Notification


The Twilio Order SMS Notification plugin allows you to send customisable SMS notifications to both customers and admins when an order is made. The process is made easier by being able to send the SMS from the order edit page and via a button.

The SMS can be sent in the following situations:

When an order is made, when…

WpMailer – Email Marketing


The WpMailer - Email Marketing plugin allows you to send campaign emails to your customers and see whether they have read your email. In addition you can track your sent, delivered, and pending emails. This plugin supports both HTML- and plain text emails.