EU VAT Number


The EU VAT Number plugin allows EU businesses the option of paying or not paying tax at your store.

It adds a field in your checkout to capture and validate a customer's EU VAT number. The business will not be charged with VAT at your store if they have a valid VAT number

The validation function uses the…

French Invoice And Certification Documentation by KIWIZ


This plugin integrates your online store with KIWIZ, which certifies your transactions invoicing documents (invoices and credit notes) in France. KIWIZ is compliant with the VAT Fraud Prevention Law as it makes the data unalterable, secures the data, conserves the data, and archives it. In addition, it generates PDF versions of invoices and credit notes.



With the Taxamo plugin, you can integrate your online store with Taxamo, a EU VAT calculation service, to get appropriate EU taxes to the customers during their checkout. This allows you to be compliant with the 2015 EU VAT (VATMOSS) regulations. In addition Taxamo handles evidence collection and registration of payments. The tax rates are calculated according to the address of the…



The AvaTax plugin allows you to automatically calculate your sales tax accurately for every purchase made on your online store. With this plugin you can streamline tax rate calculation and management. Alavara's tax codes help you automatically calculate the appropriate tax for each order based on your store address and the customer address. Return filings are aimed to be more organized with all tax information being recorded in your Alavara account.

Product Disclaimer


This plugin helps you to display specific terms and conditions. In fact, this plugin can be used to display any message that you want to display before the user adds the product to the cart. Plugin Disclaimer allows you to set a message at various levels; you can set a disclaimer per product, per category or globally (one disclaimer for all products). The following product types are supported: