Splash Popup


The Splash Popup plugin allows you to show specific content (latest offers etc.) to new and returning customers with lightbox popup. The popups can include things such as reminders to sign up to newsletters or important content to all your visitors. So when someone enters your online shop, they will be shown the popup immediately. It is possible to show different content to logged out users, logged in users, and logged in…

Google Ads


With the Google Ads plugin, you can generate optimized Google Shopping Ads for your online store. After selecting what categories you want to advertise, the plugin automatically generates smart Google Shopping feeds, automates bidding, and measures conversions and sales for your marketing. This allows you to find more people on Google that are interested in your products; maximize your sales with the automated bidding; market the products that you already have in…

Add to Cart button manipulation


This plugin allows you to control the visibility of your "add to cart" button. The button can be disabled it for certain products or specific time frames in which you want the products to be purchasable. It is possible to configure a countdown clock to be show to your customers, displaying the special or limited time offers that you present them.

For example, a product…