Scanventory Mobile Inventory Management


The Scanventory - Mobile Inventory Management plugin allows you to sync your warehouse inventory with your online products inventory. It helps to keep track the warehouse inventory, and avoid selling products that are out of stock.

With this plugin, you can generate product labels, and create a QR code for each label. You can then scan this QR code with the associated app and edit…

Advanced Product Duplicator


This plugin enables users to duplicate a product as it is, or change product content with the 'Find and Replace' functionality. This is useful when you need to create a product which is similar to but slightly different from the existing product.

Users can specify words in the product content and image titles for customization within the same window. It allows you to choose which product…

Copy or Move Reviews


The Copy or Move Reviews plugin enables the admin to copy or move the reviews of one product to another. This is useful in case a new version of the old product comes up or revamping takes place. You can still retain the reviews if you delete the old product. To copy or move the review, you can select the source product and the plugin will list the available reviews for you.

Stock Synchronization


The Stock Synchronization plugin allows you to automatically synchronize your online shop inventory (stock quantities, product prices etc.) with your external inventory file. You can get daily, twicedaily or hourly updates without needing to do update your inventory manually. This plugin supports large CSV files, as well as supporting synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive.