Shipment Tracking


The Shipment Tracking plugin allows your customers to track the shipment of their orders. After customers submit their order details, tracking becomes available through emails, the order tracking page, and the order view in their account. In addition to the following tracking providers, the plugin allows for custom tracking links.

The major tracking providers are as follows:

  • Australia Post
  • Canada Post
  • SAPO
  • City Link
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • ParcelForce
  • Royal Mail
  • TNT…



The Shipwire plugin allows you to have real-time shipping rates, automatic order fulfilment processing, and automatic inventory updates on your online shop.

This plugin is an integration of Shipwire, the cloud-based platform to power your global logistics network. The plugin supports split orders, which allows you to manage some or all products through Shipwire. After processing an order in your webshop, it is automatically…

Order Delivery


This plugin allows you to manage the order delivery system of your online shop. You can let your customers choose their preferred delivery date and time, and send notifications about their expected delivery.

With the plugin, the checkout process will include the delivery date picker and/or the estimated delivery period system. The customer can choose not only the day, but also the hour range of…

Phone Verification on Checkout


This plugin replaces the default phone verification field on your checkout page with RingCaptcha’s phone verification widget. As WooCoommerce does not have phone verification by default, people can just input random phone numbers. This means that business owners can’t verify if an order is legitimate or not.

It also gives SMS order notifications to admin and customers when an order is placed. This is useful for…



WordPress Shipping plugin is a dynamic shipping plugin for any type of product shipment. This plugin adds features to both front-end and back-end that give you information about the shipping status.

Plugin Features

  • Add New Shipment
  • Delete Completed Shipment
  • Add Short Shipment
  • Complete Short Shipment
  • Add Shipment Number
  • View Shipment Number Status
  • Ajax Loading
  • Search Shipments from Front-End
  • Search Shipments from Back-End

Shipping Tracker


This shipping tracker plugin adds shipping numbers to your orders which allows customers to track their shipments.

Plugin Features

  • Add tracking numbers
  • Confirmations for shipping
  • Automatic generation of tracking links
  • A variety of supported carriers (FedEx, USPS, DHL and more)
  • Option to create your own carrier
  • Tracking view on the order page
  • Email notifications
  • Supports both English and German


Advance Order Status


With the Advance Order Status plugin, you can add customisable order statuses such as Processing, Completed, Refunded, Cancelled, etc. to your online store. Different emails can be sent to different receivers with the selection of a custom order status. The administrator can change the colour of the custom order statuses in order to easily identify various order states. You can edit, add/or remove the statuses from the Settings page.

Estimated Delivery Date Per Product


This Estimated Delivery Date Per Product plugin allows you to set estimated date messages for simple- and variable products. Delivery date messages can be displayed on the Product Detail, Cart-, Checkout- and Order pages and also in order emails.

The plugin allows you to configure the date format, the font size and font color. You're able to exclude weekend days from the delivery dates.

Shipping Tracking


The Shipping Tracking plugin helps you to track shipment and estimate the delivery of an order. With this plugin, a shipping company and a tracking number can be assigned to any order. The plugin will show the tracking information in the 'Complete Order' email and 'View Order' page. Thus, the customers can track their orders with the link provided by the plugin. If the company allows to use a tracking URL, the…