Product Enquiry Pro


This plugin is both an enquiry form and quote request plugin. With this plugin you can:

  • Connect and communicate to prospective clients
  • Create quotations from the WordPress backend
  • Negotiate deals
  • Convert WooCommerce into a catalog website
  • Customize the inquiry form

The plugin add an 'Enquiry' or 'Request a Quote' button, which can be positioned next to a product or on the webshop page.… payment gateway


The Payment Gateway allows you to integrate your store with the payment system. is an online payment system in Bulgaria which allows you to pay for orders using debit with BORICA logo, credit cards or an micro account. Payments are valid in Bulgarian Lev (BGN), Euro (EUR), and US Dollars (USD).


NAB Transact


With this plugin, you can use the NAB Transact gateway as a credit card processor. Visa and Mastercard can be processed by default. You can also optionally accept American Express, UnionPay (UPOP), Diners Club and JCB after activation from NAB.

The plugin supports Subscriptions,…

Smart Refunder


Typically, the refund process can take hours to days, depending on how quickly support requests are processed. With the Smart Refunder plugin, customers can get instant refunds if store owners opt-in and the payment gateway supports it. If instant refunds are not available, store owners can process refund requests manually. They can also issue cash refunds or store credits as well as review order and pricing details. Customers can request full or…

Klarna Payments


The Klarna Payments plugin allows you to add a Klarna hosted widget in your existing checkout that offers payment options to customers. The widget shows the preferred and optimal payment options to the customer. If there is a case that a customer is not eligible for a payment method, then it is not shown. These make it easier for the customer to choose their payment method.

PayFast Payment Gateway


The PayFast Payment Gateway plugin allows you to accept online payments via PayFast, which is a payment gateway used in South Africa. This plugin provides possibility to put down deposits, order ahead of time or pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis for your customers.

When the customer is in the step of payment in their checkout, they will be redirected to your PayFast merchant account. There,…

Postcode/Address Validation


The Postcode/Address Validation plugin allows you to add address verification, auto-complete, or postcode lookup functions to your checkout process in your online shop. This in turn simplifies the process in addition to preventing customer's to use invalid addresses. The plugin works together with a service that provide address or postcode lookup (for example Loqate, SmartyStreets,,, Crafty Clicks)

Loqate provides the address auto-complete for all around the…

Intuit Payments Gateway


The Intuit Payments Gateway plugin allows merchants using an Intuit Payments account to integrate this payment gateway to their online shop. The customer is kept on-site during the checkout process. They can save their credit card information to use for later purchases.

It is only available for merchants in the US, and an SSL certificate is needed. The customer credit card information is tokenised before it…

e-Path Gateway


The e-Path Gateway plugin allows you to accept online credit card payments and charge them offline safely. This is done by collecting your customers' credit card details with an approval to charge. The admin gets an email to securely view the credit card details and process the order offline. For this process a MOTO merchant account is necessary. This plugin only charges for the setup and an annual fee for their service,…



With the LiveChat plugin, you can hold multiple live chat sessions with customers on your website and help them through the purchase process. You can also send canned responses to frequently asked questions, add chat tags, see transcripts of past conversations and send files to customers through the live chat window.

If you're offline, your plugin widget is replaced with a ticket form. It means that…