Custom Thank You Pages


This plugin allows you to make custom thank you pages per product for customers that have purchased something from your online store.

From Advanced Settings, you can customize thank you pages for specific products. For example, you can show related products based on what someone just purchased. After purchasing a digital product, you can show in the page how to set it up and use…

Cart Suggestions


This Cart Suggestions plugin shows additional products to your customers. Suggestions can be configured for both categories and products. The suggestions displayed to customers are based on these suggestion settings in combination with the products that the customer has added to the cart.


Suggestion Engine


This Suggestion Engine plugin improves the search system. The plugin adds a dropdown with search results to your search bar. Your customers will be able to directly visit the product, product category or product tags they need. From the first search character typed, the search result bar will appear and adjust the results as more characters are entered.

Additionally, this plugin is able to create…

Chained Products


The Chained Products plugin allows you to create product bundles and offers. When a customer purchases a product, the products that are in the bundle are automatically included. Creating bundles can be done by combining multiple simple or variable products. Each of the products added to the main product can have its own individual pricing. This plugin also allows you to give away additional products for free while purchasing a main product.…

All Products for Subscriptions


The All Products for Subscriptions plugin allows you to add subscription plans to your existing products. This allows the customers to optionally subscribe to certain products. With this plugin, you can offer subscription plans not only on the product page but also in the cart, which allows the customers to add the plans right before checking out. The customers can also add products to their existing subscriptions, which allows them to manage…

Buy One Get One Free


The Buy One Get One Free plugin allows you to give away one or more free items with the purchase of another item. If the customer adds a specific quantity of a product to the cart, then the plugin is able to add one or more items of the same (or another) product to the cart.

For example, give away a product for free when…

Product Bundles


The Product Bundles plugin offers a complete product grouping toolkit for creating customizable product kits and assembled products. The plugin includes advanced grouping, pricing, and shipping features. You can combine multiple inventory-managed components in configurable bundles.

This plugin enables you to add a bundle to your catalog. It allows you to discount the entire package or individual items. You can add

Recommendation Engine


This plugin is a suggestion engine that allows you to offer product recommendations to your customers. Products are recommended automatically to users based on view history, purchase history and products that are frequently purchased together.

The plugin offers three types of recommendations:

  1. You can show products that were also viewed by other customers. Each time someone views a…

Bonus Product


This plugin allows you to create a bonus product which can be either physical or downloadable, based on the category, store, or individual . This plugin can be useful in an eCommerce store as it can provide a discount or an extra product as a gift to the customers, especially on occasions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday etc.

Bonus Product can be customized. For…