The 'Drip plugin allows customers to subscribe to receive emails to trackconversions, sales, and lifetime value. You can connect your store to your Drip Email Marketing account.

The plugin has several different functionalities. After a sale is made, a conversion goal is achieved in your Drip account and an event is recorded in the subscriber’s history. In addition, the lifetime value shows…

Cost of Goods


The Cost of Goods plugin allows you to track and report the profit and cost of goods in your online store. For example, the reports can show revenue or the top-seller products of your site. The costs are automatically calculated during checkout, which means that you can see your profit, simple sales information, and in-depth reports afterwards. Adding costs to each product (including variations) will allow you to calculate the total cost…

Sales Report Email


The Sales Report Email plugin sends emails daily, weekly or monthly, with information about how your store’s products are performing.

This plugin allows you to identify the products that are performing well in your store. The email notifications send this information directly to your inbox without any extra steps required.

The plugin is intuitive to configure. To set it up, you just…



Kissmetrics is an analytics tool that shows you actionable metrics for your business.  You can build a customized dashboard that shows you the relevant metrics. The plugin allows you to visualize your checkout funnel with sales funnel reports. It is possible to watch visitors interact with your store in real-time.

You can track your revenue across a period of time and segment by product and…



The Mixpanel plugin helps you to track your customers' actions (in real-time); analyze, and visualize your sales data in your online store with actionable metrics.

With this plugin, you can track your revenue and easily segment by product, category etc. By visualizing the sales funnel, you can see at how many people are on your site at each process of checkout. You can also segment this…

Scanventory Mobile Inventory Management


The Scanventory - Mobile Inventory Management plugin allows you to sync your warehouse inventory with your online products inventory. It helps to keep track the warehouse inventory, and avoid selling products that are out of stock.

With this plugin, you can generate product labels, and create a QR code for each label. You can then scan this QR code with the associated app and edit…

Average Order Value


This plugin lets you view your average order value on your WordPress dashboard or on the new WooCommerce report generated by the plugin. You can view your average order for the last 7 days, this month, last month or a custom date range.


Product Stats


The Product Stats plugin provides a set of detailed products statistics. The plugin introduces a "Stats" option in your product menu. You can add "Product Cards" to report product information such as product earnings per period (daily, monthly and yearly), earnings per country, earnings per customer, etc. Product cards can be different for various products or product time range.

This plugin overrides the default…

WpMailer – Email Marketing


The WpMailer - Email Marketing plugin allows you to send campaign emails to your customers and see whether they have read your email. In addition you can track your sent, delivered, and pending emails. This plugin supports both HTML- and plain text emails.