EU VAT Number


The EU VAT Number plugin provides European businesses with the option to (defer) paying VAT taxes at your store.

The plugin adds an extra field to your checkout pages to capture and validate the customer’s EU VAT number. The customer will not be charged VAT at your store when they provide a valid VAT number.

The number validation function utilizes the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System).

Screenshots payment gateway


The Payment Gateway allows you to integrate your store with the payment system. is an online payment system in Bulgaria which allows you to pay for orders using debit with BORICA logo, credit cards or an micro account. Payments are valid in Bulgarian Lev (BGN), Euro (EUR), and US Dollars (USD).

The plugin redirects the customer to the secure servers for payment then takes them back to the store. Customers with an account can accept payments immediately after installing the plugin and entering their API credentials.


NAB Transact


With this plugin, you can use the NAB Transact gateway as a credit card processor. Visa and Mastercard can be processed by default. You can also optionally accept American Express, UnionPay (UPOP), Diners Club and JCB after activation from NAB.

The plugin supports Subscriptions, refunds, and risk management. It also supports both Direct Post and XML API integration methods offered by NAB Transact.

In the Direct Post method, customers are directed to an additional page on your website after checkout for entering their credit card details. This page still has all your branding. The customer’s credit card details are sent directly to NAB servers. This takes care of PCI-DSS compliance so you are no longer responsible for it. Customers who choose to pay with UnionPay (UPOP) are redirected to an additional external page to complete payment.

With the XML API method, customers can enter their credit card details directly on the checkout page. Although this is more streamlined, you are responsible for being PCI-DSS compliant and it does not support UnionPay (UPOP).

In addition, the plugin supports pre-authorization checkouts. In this option, the customer’s funds are not captured immediately. After you enable pre-authorization, you can change the order status to Processing or Completed to automatically capture the payment.

For more information, visit the gateway website or view the documentation.

Plugin Features

  • Supports both Direct Post and XML API method
  • Supports Subscriptions functionality.
  • Supports full and partial refunds.
  • Supports Risk Management functionality offered by NAB Transact.
  • Supports pre-authorization checkouts (where the funds are not captured immediately).


Smart Refunder


Typically, the refund process can take hours to days, depending on how quickly support requests are processed. With the Smart Refunder plugin, customers can get instant refunds if store owners opt-in and the payment gateway supports it. If instant refunds are not available, store owners can process refund requests manually. They can also issue cash refunds or store credits as well as review order and pricing details. Customers can request full or partial refunds.

Plugin Features

  • Refunds on digital/downloadable products
  • Refunds on physical products
  • Cash refunds or coupons


Gravity Forms Product Add-ons


Notice: check Gravity Extend if you’re looking for more Gravity Forms plugins.

With the Gravity Forms Product Add-ons plugin, you can create several product add-ons using the powerful form building capabilities of Gravity Forms.

This plugin can be used to build advanced product configuration forms that are linked to any product in WooCommerce. You can also create forms that contain conditional logic, pricing fields, and user input prices. In addition, Gravity Form containing products are tracked in the cart to make sure that only unique products are added to the cart and duplicates are incremented in quantity.

The plugin allows you to use the default WooCommerce price displays, or to give a price of something like “As Law as $100” for configurable products containing pricing fields. You can also control when the built-in price calculation is displayed and configure each label separately.

The following are the supported Gravity Form fields:

– Single Line Text
– Drop Down
– Number
– Radio Buttons
– Paragraph Text
– Multi Select
– Checkboxes
– Hidden
– Section Break
– Name
– Time
– Address
– Email
– Date
– Phone
– Website
– File Upload
– List
– Pricing Fields
– Product
– Option – Drop Down
– Option – Check-boxes
– Option – Radio buttons
– Total
– Quantity
– Shipping

This extension requires you to own the Gravity Forms plugin. Please see the documentation for more information.

Plugin Features

  • Conditional submit button logic
  • Multi-paged forms
  • Required fields

PayPal Adaptive Payments


The PayPal Adaptive Payments plugin allows you to pay multiple merchants at once using PayPal whenever something is purchased from your online store. With the plugin, you can split the order total with secondary receivers, which allows you to pay commissions or partners. Parallel, chained, and simple payments are possible with the plugin.


Coupon Shortcodes


The Coupon Shortcodes plugin allows you to render information about coupons as well as show content based on the validity of coupons. This allows you to offer them specific coupons when their purchase qualifies for the coupons, or offer them to purchase additional items so they can use a coupon.

The shortcodes provided are;

  • [coupon_is_applied]
  • [coupon_is_not_applied]
  • [coupon_is_valid]
  • [coupon_is_not_valid]

These conditional shortcodes allow to enclose contents when these conditions (for examplewhen coupons are valid) are met.

The plugin also provides shortcodes that provides the coupon code, its description and an automatic description of the discount.

  • [coupon_code] provides a coupon code
  • [coupon_description] provides a description of the coupon
  • [coupon_discount] provides information about the discount the coupon provides
  • [coupon_show] renders coupon code, discount info and description
  • [coupon_enumerate] provides a list of all or a set of coupons, to show their code, description or discount information.

Klarna Checkout


The Klarna Checkout plugin allows you to manage all the transactions in your online site under one roof. It is mobile friendly and it allows for one-click repeat purchases. While it includes all popular payment methods, it also provides customer identification. The different payment methods that are provided are as follows; purchase now pay 14 to 30 days after; pay later in installments; pay in long-term, monthly payments; pay now directly.

After downloading Klarna Order Management, you can handle orders in Klarna directly from your site. It allows access for Klarna Shipping Service, on-site messaging, apply for a cash advance, get insight about how the sales are doing with the Insight app.

Please note that this plugin only works for merchants selling in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, UK and United States.


AWeber Newsletter Subscription


The AWeber Newsletter Subscription plugin allows you to create mailings lists to assemble your client list and share the content you want with them about your online store.

You can create rules that manage which users are going to be in which mailing lists to keep the mailing lists clean. When people subscribe to the newsletter, you can automatically add/remove tags to the customers based on the category, subcategory or the product they have purchased from your site.

By adding a widget powered by AWeber, you can add a widget area in your site (for example at menus, sidebars, footers and others). This allows your customers to be able to subscribe to your newsletter wherever they are in your site with an AWeber Web Form.

Plugin Features

  • Tag your customers in mailing lists
  • Create rules to tag customers
  • Create multiple new sales channels
  • Place an AWeber Web Form anywhere in your site


ShipStation Integration


The ShipStation Integration plugin minimizes your shipping and fulfillment efforts. You can import your orders automatically and manage everything from one place in a streamlined dashboard.

The plugin has several automation features. ShipStation Connect allows you to print wirelessly and share your printer with ease. With ShipStation Mobile (free for iOS and Android), you can run your business on-the-go by doing everything on your phone or tablet, from creating orders to printing labels and emailing return labels.

The USPS rates are not dependent on how much you ship. Most other companies sell you more expensive USPS labels if you don’t ship a lot. With this plugin, you get USPS discounts whether you ship 20 boxes a month or 20,000 a day. Sellers are not punished or restricted for selling small.

The plugin allows you to get great discounts on FedEx as well (up to 29% off) or to bring in your negotiated rates. It is UPS Ready certified globally and supports DHL in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It also offers many other carriers.

The plugin allows you to customize notification emails, packing slips, shipping labels, and a branded tracking page (tracking page currently available in the U.S. only). You can link back to your store when shoppers track their package or link to your brand on Facebook and Twitter.

The plugin offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card needed. Please note that in addition to this plugin, you must subscribe to a ShipStation monthly plan. For more information and to try it for free, visit ShipStation.