Help Scout


With the Help Scout plugin, you can connect your online store to a Help Scout mailbox. This lets your customers request assistance with orders and allows you to respond quickly. You can also view a list of active Help Scout tickets.

This plugin allows you to manage relevant conversations with your customers. In addition to this plugin, you have to subscribe to a Helpscout monthly plan.…

Coupon Restrictions


The Coupon Restrictions plugin allows you to restrict coupons to a specific audience: new or existing customers; specific countries, states, provinces, zip codes or postal codes.

Restricting coupons for the new customers allows you to present a coupon for the first purchase of the customer after verifying that they have not purchased anything from you before. For existing customers, you can target specific situations such…

Cost of Goods


The Cost of Goods plugin allows you to track and report the profit and cost of goods in your online store. For example, the reports can show revenue or the top-seller products of your site. The costs are automatically calculated during checkout, which means that you can see your profit, simple sales information, and in-depth reports afterwards. Adding costs to each product (including variations) will allow you to calculate the total cost…

Amazon and eBay Integration


The Amazon and eBay Integration plugin is an integration for Codisto, which allows you to list all the products from your online store on Amazon and eBay. This plugin allows you to create new Amazon and eBay listings or link existing listings to the matching products in your online store. You can set separate product details and pricing for the listings based…

Advanced Product Labels


The Advanced Product Labels plugin lets you create and add visual labels / banner / pills to your product thumbnails. This allows you to promote your free products, highlight “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for your products. You can target specific products in your shop to display a label. For example, you can add a ‘New’ label to products added less than X days ago, show a ‘Sale’ label for products…

French Invoice And Certification Documentation by KIWIZ


This plugin integrates your online store with KIWIZ, which certifies your transactions invoicing documents (invoices and credit notes) in France. KIWIZ is compliant with the VAT Fraud Prevention Law as it makes the data unalterable, secures the data, conserves the data, and archives it. In addition, it generates PDF versions of invoices and credit notes.

Product Vendors


The Product Vendors plugin allows you to create a marketplace in your online shop in which multiple vendors can sell their products. This way, you can take commission on sales that the vendors make. While doing this, you can either continue selling your own products, or just be the online shop that can sell anything. You can set individual commission rates to each vendor, and allow them to manage their own products.…



The Xero plugin allows you to integrate your online store with your Xero account, which handles invoices and business accounting functions. The functions include bank reconciliation, financial reporting to inventory tracking and payroll.

With this plugin, all of the transactions made in your online store (product, shipping, discount, and tax data) will be automatically updated…



This Photography plugin is designed to assist professional photographers with managing and selling their images. It involves uploading and setting up of the photographs as well as the sale and customer purchase experience.

The plugin has a batch photograph uploader which shortens the time it takes to upload photographs to your store.

Photography also includes an intuitive photograph browsing and purchasing…



This plugin is a store management tool for dropshipping stores. It allows you to group products according to their supplier. The supplier is sent a notification via email after a product is purchased. This plugin also generates a packing slip PDF file and attaches it to the order notification email, so your drop shippers can print the packing slip and add it to the customer’s shipment for easy dropshipping.