IP Based Products Filter


The IP Based Products Filter allows you to ban users by countries to prevent spam and malicious attacks, and focus a targeted community. It helps to create rules for restricting users of a specific country or region of the entire website or selected pages. You can control displaying products, categories, and CMS pages to selected countries.

This plugin determines the users’ location by their IP address, which ensures accuracy in banning users from a certain geographical territory.

The plugin gives you the choice to either redirect banned users to alternative products and pages or show them an error message. Use IP exception field to whitelist traffic from restricted areas. It is possible to schedule and prioritize the restriction rules.

PDF Invoice, Packing Slip & Shipping Label


The PDF Invoices plugin for WooCommerce automates creation of PDF invoices, packing- and shipping labels. The plugin gives you a choice from 6 available templates for invoicing. You can personalize the templates by adding your business name, address and logo.

Ultimate GDPR Compliance


The Ultimate WordPress GDPR plugin makes your store comply with EU GDPR data protection laws. Once installed, your website will be compliant with GDPR Laws. Key features of this plugin are:

  • Right to Forget & Access Data
  • Process & Manage data requests
  • Cookie Consent & Configure Cookie Expiry Date
  • Contact Data Policy Officer option
  • Automatic email generation to customers about their requests
  • Option for customers / Admin to retain / delete orders on forget me request
  • Display privacy policy on comments

Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Discounts


The Dynamic Pricing plugin allows you to apply dynamic pricing by defining rules/conditions. These conditions may result in bulk discounts or special offers. Setup quantity-based discounts and special offers to apply to a set of products or product categories. It is possible to create rules to allow discounts on the cart contents. Discounts can be an absolute number or a percentage of either the product price or cart total amount. You can set and schedule sale prices to individual products.


PDF Invoice


This plugin generates an invoice for every order marked as completed. For all new orders there are pro forma invoices available that are updates when the order is updated. It is possible to disable either the regular or pro forma invoices.

Invoice PDF’s get attached to the default WooCommerce emails (which can be disabled), but are available as manual download from the order list view or single order. You can manually generate invoices before the completed state is reached. Similarly you can delete and re-generate invoices. Generated invoices can be downloaded as a zip archive for selected date ranges.

Invoices can contain your company name, address and other details, including a (resizable) logo and custom checkout fields. The link to the ‘view order’ page is optional, just like the invoice ID, product category and product short description. You can even configure the invoice to display product thumbnail images.

Invoice numbering is handled by the plugin, preventing duplicate numbers and range gaps. You can define invoice number prefixes and suffixes with built-in variables like {{year}}, {{month}} and {{day}}. The built-in number can be disabled and replaced by regular, ordered numbering.

This plugin supports the WooCommerce tax configuration, which includes multiple tax classes. Taxes can be displayed either above or below the the total amount, depending on whether you define the subtotal to be inclusive or exclusive taxes. You can optionally display the net amount, tax rate, tax amount and total excluding taxes.

The footer of the invoice can be modified to contain up to four content blocks detailing warranty, payment details and other relevant information. Various types of invoices can contain a different set of content blocks. The content blocks can make use of built-in variables like {{order_date}} and {{shipping_method}} and any custom order field.


Registration and Custom Signup Fields


This plugin allows you to add custom fields to your website registration form. Add textarea, textbox, selectbox, checkbox, multi-selectbox, radiobutton, timepicker, datepicker, password, file upload, colorpicker or numeric fields.


  • Add 14 Types of Fields to Customize Registration Page
  • Enable/Disable or Edit Default WooCommerce Registration Fields
  • Add Conditional / Dependent Fields
  • Enable User Roles on Registration Page
  • Create Custom User Roles and Assign Capability
  • Auto or Manually Approve Users and User Roles
  • Auto Provide Limited Access Upon Requested User Roles
  • Manage Users i.e, Block, Delete, Change User Role, Limited Access
  • Drag and Drop the Fields to Add New Fields
  • Sort the Order of Fields
  • Enable Social Login i.e Twitter & Facebook
  • Additional Fields are Displayed on Checkout Page
  • Users can View & Edit Extra Info in “My Account” Section
  • Display Custom Message to Blocked Users on Registration Page
  • Display Custom Message to Users Awaiting for Account Approval
  • Add Custom Email Notification for Each User Role Status

Products View in a Room Popup


The plugin “Products View in Room Popup” allows your customers to visualize your products in their homes. Example products are artwork, paintings, photographs, doors, wall decorations, etc ..

The plugin adds a button to the product page. The button opens as a popup window that allows customers to see what a product would look like inside a room. Customers can select a predefined room image or upload their own from their computer, webcam of phone camera.